Michigan Computer Recycling Map

As we demand more electronic devices for our daily use, our old electronics continue to pile up, posing an environmental problem. It’s estimated today that only 15% of electronic devices and equipment are recycled in the United States. The energy required to manufacture and distribute computers is extensive (recycling one million laptops saves the electricity equivalent used by over 3,500 homes in a single year), and non-recycled computers are a large source for common water and soil toxins and carcinogens like  lead, mercury and cadmium.

Rage Against Technology: Our Favorite Tech-Hating Videos

It has happened to all of us.  We think our technology should be acting one way but the tech itself seems to have different thoughts.  We think we're being perfectly clear in our requests but the computer / cell phone / XBox / what-have-you is entirely uninterested in performing even the most mundane tasks.  Some people shrug it off and move on to do something else thinking that giving the technology a chance to rest will help.  Other people, well...just take a look at these videos and see how some people react when faced with a stubborn computer.

How to Save Data From A Wet Hard Drive

WaterThat water and electronics don't mix goes without saying. Sometimes however, life has a way of making bad things happen in the worst ways possible, and somewhere down the line it's possible to find yourself with a computer that has met a very wet end. When that computer has critical files on it, such a bad turn of events can turn disastrous.

Data Recovery: On Scandals and Sociopaths – James Holmes & Jerry Sandusky

In the current technological age, people say “nothing is private anymore” for a reason. With the popularity of posting materials online, proliferation of hackers, and risk of uploading a sensitive file to the wrong place, if something exists in digital format there is a chance someone could discover it if they really wanted to.


Too Much, Too Soon? 5 Online Services that Died and Where they Went Wrong

In today’s market, it’s difficult to create an internet service that doesn’t already exist in some form. While some companies and ecommerce sites are extremely lucky and succeed ( being a leader in becoming popular extremely fast), there have been plenty of promising sites that ended up either disastrous, bankrupt, or both.

Here is a list of five of such sites, and what caused their demises:

1. Webvan – Online Grocery Service (1999-2001)

Best Open Source CMS…Or At Least Most Popular

When we’re not doing data recovery or offering industry leading data recovery services, we’re doing our best to keep up on all things technology. Recently, we found some incredible information on open source content management by which we were blown away.

Data Loss Disasters

Losing valuable files on a computer is one of those things that people tend to shrug off, thinking “It won’t happen to me.” Yet, according to a 2010 survey of Symantec, 51 percent of small to medium businesses in the country are not prepared for data loss disasters. Although some data loss is the fault of technology, human error can also be a major problem.

Your data may not be recoverable if…

Sure, you may have spilled coffee on your laptop or watched the cat knock your PC to the ground. You may have even run over your computer, because you thought it’d be an excellent idea to set it on top of the car while you put the kids in the backseat. But typically, these instances of stupidity grant you the chance of a data recovery specialist accessing the hard drive and restoring your files. There are other accidents, however, in which you wouldn’t be so lucky. Take note.

The Full Cost of Computer Data Loss Widget

The Full Cost of Computer Data Loss Widget was developed to provide a visual, specific, and very real calculation on the costs of data loss to companies. Whereas the Cost of Data Loss Infographic is a visual representation of an average scenario, this widget will allow the user to directly calculate their own costs based on real company data.