Computer Forensics

Company History

  • In 1987, Data Recovery Group was formed. Over the next few years time attorneys and companies started contacting the lab looking for information/evidence discovery services.
  • In 1997, owners formed the Center for Computer Forensics (CCF) to better serve the legal requirements of electronic evidence.
  • In 2005, the company formally entered the e-discovery market.

Our philosophy for all the labs is to invest in technology and in personnel training. We emphasize multiple software technologies to gives us the flexibility to process ESI in almost any format. Handling electronic evidence is all we do and we take a forensic approach to all the projects presented to our lab. Present capacity for our lab exceeds two hundred custodians. Large amounts of data can be loaded and processed effectively.

Our 20 year history in data recovery and computer forensics give us a unique perspective on data and the specific requirement to protect data through technology, process and quality programs. We take a forensic approach to all services to ensure evidence veracity.

Community Involvement


  • HTCIA - High Technology Crime Investigation Association, Michigan - Ives Potrafka, Vice-President (Past President)
  • DEFSIG - Digital Evidence Forensics Special Interest Group - Ives Potrafka - Founder
  • IACIS - International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists

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To contact the Center for Computer Forensics, Please call (888) 458-3222.