Personal Data Recovery

Data loss has happened to all of us. One minute your computer is working perfectly and the next, everything is frozen, it won't reboot, and none of your vital files are accessible. Data Recovery Group specializes in recovering your pictures and valuable data for your personal home computer quickly, safely, and securely. Data Recovery Group is fully capable for recovering the data for computers, laptops, cameras, and other personal electronics that you use at home. People ask what is the difference between Personal and business data recovery? The recovery process is the same. The responsiveness of customer service is the same. The difference lies in the timing. In exchange for giving the Data Recovery Group more time to recover your data, we give you a lower price. 

We have extensive experience with all major operating systems, including:

To get started, simply send us your desktop drive, laptop drive or external drive so we can start recovering your data today. We are also able to recover data from cameras and flash drives in some cases. Common personal electronics that require data recovery that we service include:

We understand that everyday individuals do not necessarily understand the ins and outs of their electronics and why they stopped working. Our specialists can help you understand in layman's terms why your electronic device stopped working, and the process we'll take to get your valuable personal data back. Visit our detail pages to the left to learn more about each of these data retrieval processes.

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