In addition to standard recovery services for hard drives, Data Recovery Group can also recover data from other forms of media such as Flash Drives (Thumb Drives), Digital Camera Media, even CD's, DVD's, and old 3.5" Floppy Disks.

DRG understands that pictures stored on digital cameras and JPEG and other image files stored on removable media such as flash drives are invaluable and often not backed up. In most cases we can recover pictures and files that were thought to be lost or written over.

A few common causes for data loss among digital cameras, flash drives, and other removable media are:

  • Accidentally Deleted Pictures or Files
  • Hard Drive Where Pictures or Files Were Transferred Is Damaged
  • Digital Camera Becomes Damaged or Unusable
  • Reformatted Memory Card or Media
  • Photos or Files Are Still There But Inaccessible
  • Media Becomes Scratched Or Damaged Through Use and Age

If you have suffered any type of data loss on any of these formats of data storage, stop using the device and contact a knowledgeable Data Recover Group technician for assistance, the call is free.

Let our experience in recovering data get your lost pictures or JPEG files back in your hands quickly and cost-effectively.