Linux / Unix / Sun / Novell

Data Recovery Group has experience recovering data from several versions of the Linux operating system such as RedHat, Fedora, Debian or others using the Ext2 & Ext3 file systems. Data Recovery Group is also experienced in recovering data from many versions of UNIX such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Sun Solaris using the UFSn or HTFS, EAFS file systems. Data Recovery Group also can recover data from failed Novell servers using NWFS and NSS formats. Some common causes for data loss using these operating systems:

  • Corrupt or Missing Master Boot Record
  • Corrupt Root Directory
  • Accidental Deletion of Files or Folders
  • Damaged Partition Tables
  • Volume Corrupted or Missing
  • Software Upgrade Failure
  • Disk Won't Mount or Is Inaccessable
  • Drive Accidentally Formatted

Contact Data Recovery Group for an evaluation of your options and to make sure we can recover your specific version of OS or file structure. Choose the Data Recovery Group location nearest you, call and speak with one of knowledged representives. The call is free!!!