Data Recovery Group started in 1986, better known to our early customers as Drive Repair Services Corporation. Originally our primary business was hard drive repair but as an added value for our customers we routinely recovered data from repaired drives. In 1994, as hard drive prices declined and demand for recovery solutions increased, Data Recovery Group redefined our mission to become one of the premier data recovery companies in the world. At this time we ceased offering permanent hard drive repair and began specializing in the recovery of data from failed hard drives and multiple drive servers and RAID systems.

Why Data Recovery Group? We Recover Data Others Cannot.

  • Our Data Recovery Technicians are trained experts in diagnosing and repairing hard drives
  • 34 years experience in data recovery
  • Over 35,000 successful recoveries since 1986!
  • Best turn around times in the industry, most cases 2-5 business days
  • Cost-effective pricing - Data Recovery Group often beats competition pricing
  • Data Recovery Group uses the latest technologies in our cleanroom labs
  • Three convenient locations strategically located to best serve you
  • Personalized customer service providing dedicated resources to each data recovery job
  • From home users to small businesses and large multi-national corporations, no job is to big or small
  • Secure facilities - data security is our top priority
  • Commonly recover data from failed hard drives other companies deemed unrecoverable
  • All Data Recovery Group employees are under full Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect your data

Although we no longer permanently repair hard drives, hard drive repair is still an integral part of our business. Mechanical failures necessitate the temporary repair of hard drives daily and our vast inventory of parts as well as our intimate knowledge of hard disk drive architecture, allow Data Recovery Group to recover data that most data recovery services would call "data not recoverable".