Recovery Process

Evaluating Your Drive

  • Hard drive(s) will be logged in and queued for the recovery process according to the order that they were received and/or the order they were requested.
  • A dedicated recovery technician will be assigned and study the completed submission form to determine symptoms of failure (clicking, grinding, etc.) or other pertinent information about the drive/recovery.
  • Based upon the completed submission form and our current observations the hard drive(s) will then be tested for functionality using our latest equipment where a DRG technican will determine whether the problems are physical (hardware), logical (file structure) or both.
  • If the determination is physical, DRG then retrieves any necessary parts from our extensive inventory or may source them from our vendors. (Parts may be needed if an attempt is made to temporarily repair the drive to a working condition)
  • Once DRG has made a determination of the complete evaluation you will then be contacted with the results, an approximate time for completion, the total recovery cost and asked for your approval to proceed.
  • We strive to have all evaluations completed within 48 hrs of receiving your hard drive(s).

Recovering Your Data

  • Upon receiving approval to proceed, your job will be re-queued for the actual data recovery procedures (If you have requested expedited service, your hard drive will circumvent the recovery queue & become "next in line" for recovery)
  • Any necessary mechanical repairs are completed and an exact mirror image (clone) of each hard drive is completed.
  • The integrity of your data is never placed in jeopardy as all recovery procedures are performed on an exact sector by sector duplicate of your original drive, never on the original.
  • Using special equipment, DRG technicians then evaluate the condition of the data structure and any logical (file structure) damage will be repaired and the recovered data is transitioned to our secure storage servers in preparation for data return.
  • The original drive is then ready to be returned to the client in "as received" condition so it may be returned under warranty exchange, if applicable.

Returning Your Data

  • Your recovered data can be returned in a variety of ways: including transferring it to a new hard drive, external drive, or saving the data to writeable DVD's or CD's.
  • If your hard drive had no physical defects, and in our opinion is physically sound, we will return your data on your original drive. (This is not a common method)
  • All recovered data orders are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight unless otherwise specified.
  • A copy of the data will be stored in our secure facility for 10 business days, and then wiped, to allow time for customer restoration of data.

Data Security and confidentiality is our top priority!!