Desktop Drives

Look online and a majority of basic desk top computers come with hard drives ranging in size from 500GB to 1 TB.  For reference, a 1TB hard drive can store approximately:

• 200,000 Photos
• 76 Hours of video
• 250,000 Songs

Users can also upgrade their computers by adding an additional 3.5” drive with a capacity of up to 3TB.  While most users don’t store that much data on their computers it’s not uncommon for a home computer to be the only place where the family photos or other personal critical data are stored.

We at the Data Recovery Group specialize at recovering data from desktop hard drives. We have been recovering data for over 25 years and have developed the techniques necessary to recover those priceless family photos. 

In a majority of cases all we need is the hard drive for us to do the recovery. Once we receive the drive our technicians will begin work on evaluating your drive for recovery. Recognizing that the home user is more sensitive to price for recovery we have an economy service. With economy service we complete the initial evaluation in 3-5 business days with return of you recovered data in 10 business days. Larger drives (over 1TB) may require extra time because of their larger capacity.   

Please remember that if you suspect that your drive is not working properly that you stop using the computer and contact the Data Recovery Group. DIY attempts to recover your own data may render the drive "Not Recoverable". Give us a call and speak with our knowledgeable Data Recovery Technicians. The call is free!!!