At Data Recovery Group we receive customer calls asking if we can help them recover hard drives infected with ransomware. The best help we can offer is to prevent the infection from destroying your data in the first place.

Take Action Against Computer Viruses

As our computers remain constantly connected to the Internet, there is a constant threat of malware attacks, and the need to protect our computers against malware and hacker attacks only continues to grow. Fortunately, there are a number of actionable steps you can take to protect your computer from viruses and malware, and avoid data loss and corruption, and compromising your personal information.

How You Can Prevent Data Loss

Data LossData loss is one of our industry's most misunderstood concepts. Very little information has been made public about data loss, and the information that does exist is inconsistent. Due to the mixed messages they receive, users find it difficult to properly evaluate their data loss situations and make educated decisions to recover their lost data.

Why Dropping Your External Hard Drive Is Bad

portable hard disk drive

It goes without saying, but dropping any electronic never gets you good results. This is especially true with external hard drives, also known as portable hard drives, and often leads to the external hard drive failing and requiring data recovery help in order to retrieve the valuable fil
es and data stored on it.

Recovering Data After a Flood

Flooded HomeWhether it is a hurricane, thunderstorm, fire, or a pipe leak, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses are affected by water and flood damage every year, causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage. Many different parts of computers are sensitive to water damage, including the hard drive or solid state drive, which often stores priceless and extremely valuable data and files on your computer.

Hard Drive Not Spinning? Here's What You Can Try

spinning hard driveIt’s a common problem – power is applied to a hard drive, and the hard drive does nothing. The usual spinning sound you hear when you power up your computer is absent, and when the hard drive of your computer won't spin, you can't access any of the data stored on them.

How To Increase Your Hard Drive Speed

hard drive speedI can think of very few things in this world that are more irritating than a slow computer. While all of the other components of your computer may be working just fine, your hard drive may be what’s holding your computer back.

Rescuing Data From your Hard Drive The Right Way

Computer Caution SignIf there's one constant truth about hard drives, it's that all hard drives will fail sooner or later. One day your hard drive is going to stop working, and any data stored on it will inaccessable and possibly lost if it isn't backed up. It could be the result of a head crash, a computer virus, an accidental deletion, a a stroll through a magnetic field, or simply wear and tear.

Types of Data Loss

Data LossData Recovery companies exist for a rather simple reason. People have stored and continue to store incredibly valuable information and data on electronic storage devices and find out they have no way to retrieve that information. The reasons for that can vary wildly, some are quite obvious and some happen unexpectedly and require a data recovery professional to diagnose the issue.