Michigan Computer Recycling Map

As we demand more electronic devices for our daily use, our old electronics continue to pile up, posing an environmental problem. It’s estimated today that only 15% of electronic devices and equipment are recycled in the United States. The energy required to manufacture and distribute computers is extensive (recycling one million laptops saves the electricity equivalent used by over 3,500 homes in a single year), and non-recycled computers are a large source for common water and soil toxins and carcinogens like  lead, mercury and cadmium.

Lucky for us, computer recycling has become a booming industry lately, and recycling computers is easier than it has been in the past. As a secondary source for raw materials like tin, silicon and aluminum, computer recycling centers can safely extract the materials for reuse in other products. To find your nearest computer recycling center in the state of Michigan, take a look at our map that we created below.

View Michigan Computer Recycling in a larger map

We’ll update the map when we find other locations that offer computer recycling. If you know of any good additions, let us know!

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