Best Open Source CMS…Or At Least Most Popular

When we’re not doing data recovery or offering industry leading data recovery services, we’re doing our best to keep up on all things technology. Recently, we found some incredible information on open source content management by which we were blown away. Open Stone does an annual Open Source Content Management System market share report and the data a mile deep and three miles wide. You can find it in their white papers section on their website, along with a lot of other great research data.

For us, this was pretty interesting as we’ve seen the growth in popularity of Drupal, Joomla and WordPress in particular the last few years. We do love data, so we couldn’t help but play with Water and Stone’s stuff a little bit and put it into a graphical format to summarize it a bit. Once we did, we prettied it up a bit and thought we’d share. So with that, our visual interpretation (an infographic if you will) of the Open Source Content Management System Rankings for 2010 and 2011.


 best open source cms infographic