Western Digital (WD) External Drive Data Recovery

Western Digital is one of the leading makers of external or portable hard drives on the market. While their products are of great quality, all external hard drives are prone to failure and data loss. As the saying goes, it's not if a hard drive will fail, but when it will fail.

WD owners first notice that something is not right with their external hard drive when it is not recognized by the computer, or it does not show up where it normally appears on the computer. While it can be a result of connection issues, it is sometimes a result of mechanical or physical issues with the hard drive itself. If that is the issue, there is little that you can do to access your data on your own, and you may require the help of a professional to retrieve your data from your WD external drive.

If your WD external drive has recently experienced any of the following, you may require professional help to retrieve your valauble data stored on the drive.

  • Dropped the external drive
  • Water damage
  • Electrical surge 
  • Reformatting of the external drive

If your WD external drive is making clicking or grinding noises when attempting to start up, components of the external drive are not working and. Access to a class 100 cleanroom and proper tools and equipment is necessary to effectively recover the data stored on the damaged WD drive.

Data Recovery Group has worked in the data recovery industry for 30 years, and has made over 35,000 successful recoveries of data in our existance. We've seen it all, and are knowledgable in all Western Digital or WD external hard drive products.

Some of WD's common external drive products that we provide data recovery services for include:

  • My Passport
  • WD Elements
  • My Book Essential
  • My Book Studio
  • My Book
  • My Cloud

We service all storage capacity sizes for WD portable drives, including 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB.