Apricorn External Drive Data Recovery

If your Apricorn external hard drive is not working, and you have valuable data stored on the drive, the data recovery experts at Data Recovery Group can help retrieve your lost files. Apricorn is a leading manufacturer of high quality portable hard drives, and we service all series and capacity sizes. Common series of Apricorn external drives include:

  • Aegis Padlock
  • Aegis Padlock Pro
  • Aegis Padlock Fortress
  • Aegis Padlock Secure
  • Aegis Padlock DT
  • Aegis Portable

Common capacity sizes of Apricorn external drives include 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. If you've dropped your Apricorn portable hard drive, and it is no longer showing up on your computer or being recognized, you may require assistance to help retrieve the valuable data that is stored on the drive. Other common factors that cause physical damage in external drives include water damage from spilled water or floods, and electrical or power surges. In addition, accidental deletions, reformatting, viruses, and time can all result in hard drive failure. What is similar about all these events is that they are unexpected and can cause data loss.

Data Recovery Group has 30 years of professional experience in the data recovery industry and has made over 35,000 successful recoveries. We have seen many different cases of data loss in Apricorn Aegis portable drives, and can help the owners retrieve their lost valuable data. Email or call us so we can help diagnose your Apricorn drive and provide you with options moving forward.