Buffalo External Drive Data Recovery

Data Recovery Group is a leading provider of data recovery services for Buffalo external hard drives.

External and portable hard drives can stop working for a variety of reasons. If your computer is not recognizing your Buffalo external hard drive it could be a result of the following situations.

  • Hard Drive was dropped
  • Water damage
  • Electrical surge
  • Reformatted
  • Virus
  • Accidental deletion

Data Recovery Group has performed over 35,000 successful recoveries of data in our 30 years of existance, and has helped the owners of Buffalo portable drives retrieve their lost files and data. For most cases, we have a fast 2-5 day turnaround time, so you don't go long without your valuable data. Data Recovery Group services all capacity sizes of Buffalo external hard drives including 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB. We provide data recovery services for a variety of Buffalo external hard drives, including the following.

  • DriveStation
  • DriveStation Axis
  • DriveStation Quad
  • DriveStation Duo
  • MiniStation
  • MiniStation Extreme
  • MiniStation Thunderbolt
  • MiniStation Stealth
  • MiniStation Slim
  • MiniStation Air
  • MiniStation DDR

To get started, give the Data Recovery Group a call. We can help diagnose your Buffalo portable drive and provide your options moving forward for getting your data back. The call is free!