Toshiba External Drive Data Recovery

Toshiba is a leading manufacturer of external hard drives, and Data Recovery Group specializes in getting your data back from damaged or failed Toshiba portable external drives. Toshiba introduced a line of portable hard drives known as their "Canivos". Data Recovery Group provides 

  • Canivo Connect
  • Canivo Slim
  • Canivo Desk
  • Canivo Basics

Among other issues like water damage, electrical damage to the circuit board, and viruses, external hard drives are succeptible to drops, which can damage the platters and spindle motor of the hard drive. You should always consult with a hard drive specialist when your Toshiba external drive is not appearing or functioning properly. It is best to avoid all do it yourself methods to recover the data, as they typically lead to additional issues with the drive and make data recovery even more difficult.

In addition to external drives, Data Recovery Group recovers data for all Toshiba HDDs.

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