LaCie External Hard Drive Data Recovery

In the event of a damaged or dropped hard drive, your LaCie external drive could stop working, and you may have trouble accessing the valuable data stored on the drive. The LaCie mobile drive may not be recognized by your computer, or it may have trouble being detected by your computer at all. Data Recovery Group can help retrieve data stored on LaCie portable hard drives. We have 30 years of experience in recovering the lost files stored on all storage media types including LaCie external drives. We provide recovery for all LaCie storage capacities. The following are some of the more common LaCie external hard drive series that we provide data recovery for.

  • Rugged Mini
  • Rugged Thunderbolt
  • Rugged Triple
  • Rugged RAID
  • d2 Quadra
  • LaCie Porche
  • LaCie Mirror

Given their use as a mobile electronic storage device, portable hard drives are meant to withstand the wear and tear of many different environments, but are not immune from water or floods, electrical surges, drops, or other physicial damage. They can also fall victim to viruses, reformatting, and accidental deletions. We can help recover data from any sort of event that caused data loss for your LaCie drive, and we have a 2-5 turnaround time, so you can get your files back quickly.