SanDisk SSD Data Recovery

In the event that your Sandisk SSD is not being recognized by your computer, and you can not retrieve the valuable data stored on the SSD, Data Recovery Group can help you retrieve your valuable data. With a 2-5 turnaround time, we can quickly help you get your data back. We provide data recovery services for both internal and external Sandisk SATA solid state drives, and have over 35,000 successful recoveries in our 30 years of existence. We service all series of Sandisk SSDs including:

  • X300
  • Extreme Pro
  • X110
  • Extreme II
  • Ultra II
  • Ultra Plus

Solid State Drives are known for their reliability and their speed, but are not immune from physical damages and data loss. It should never be assumed that a SSD is going to be more reliable than a HDD. Power supply, capacitors, and electronic components can go bad, making data loss even more unpredictable than in HDDs and sometimes without any warning signs.

Data Recovery Group can help evaluate your Sandisk Solid State Drive and determine if data recovery work is necessary. Give us a call to learn more how we can help you get your data back. The call is free!