Plextor SSD Data Recovery

When your Plextor Solid State Drive isn't being recognized by your computer, and you can't get the data stored on it, the Data Recovery Group can assist in getting your highly valued data back safely, securely and soon.

A Data Recovery Group, we provide recovery services for all series of Plextor SSDs. The following are some of the more common series:

  • M3
  • M5P
  • M5S
  • M6S
  • M6M
  • M6 PRO
  • M6e

Causes of Failure

Solid State Drives are known for being more resilient to physical damages than traditional hard drives, and can also be faster and more ideal. However, it does not make them immune from data loss, and unfortunately there are often fewer warning signs before complete failure happens with SSDs. Some of the common issues that affect Plextor SSDs can include the following:

  • Unexpected viruses
  • Accidental reformatting of your Plextor SSD
  • Abrupt system termination
  • Water damage

Before assuming your data is lost forever, give the Data Recovery Group a call. There could be several issues with your SSD, and we can help you find out what the real problem is that is keeping you from accessing your data. If data recovery is necessary, we can provide you with information on the best way to go about getting your data back. The phone call is free!