Verbatim Flash Drive Data Recovery

Verbatim Corporation is a Japanese company that specializes in storage media and flash memory products, including USB flash drive, a data storage device that is removable, rewriteable, and portable. If your compute or device is not recognized your Verbatim flash drive or seems to not be working at all, there is likely a problem with the flash drive. A few events that can cause flash drive data loss or malfunction include:

  • Power surge
  • Wear and tear
  • Software corruption
  • Hardware failure
  • Computer virus
  • Human error
  • Physical damage

Data Recovery Group specializes in flash drive recovery whether your drive was damaged or experienced data corruption. Shipping us your flash drive is easy, and we have a fast turnaround time for the majority of cases of flash drive data loss.

Contact a trained data recovery specialist at (877) 315-7111 send us an email describing your issue.