Hard Drives Fail, Always Have & Always Will...

The ability to properly diagnose and temporarily restore a disk drive to operating condition is vital to recovering your data. If you have experienced data loss, it is the result of a mathematical problem, a mechanical problem, an electrical problem or a combination of the three, and Data recovery Group is uniquely qualified to recover your data.

Our technicians are experts in the field of diagnosing and repairing hard drives and, until 1994 that was our primary business. 1994 brought many changes to the dynamics the hard drive industry and we became a "data recovery service" only, no longer offering commercial, permanent hard drive repair.

Hard disk drives are now temporarily repaired. This means that, using parts from our vast inventory to return your drive to operating condition long enough to create, sector-by-sector clone of the data on your hard drive to our equipment. Your drive will then be returned to "as received" condition and our recovery procedures will be conducted on the clone. This ensures the integrity of the original media and is a crucial step in the recovery process.

The development of faster, larger hard drives has resulted in new and creative ways of disk drive failure. Our research and development associates have developed tools aiding in hard drive recovery that were only theories 5 years ago. These beginnings and the subsequent developments of new procedures and tools, separate Data Recovery Group from everyone else offering a data recovery service. Our knowledge and experience in repairing hard drives is the reason that we are able to recover data that many others can't.