What is the evaluation process?

All media received goes through an extensive analysis to determine the condition of the drive.

Step 1 - We will determine whether the problems are physical (hardware), logical (software structures) or both.

Step 2 - If the determination is physical, we then determine whether the needed parts for repairs are in our extensive inventory or if we will have to source them from our vendors.

Step 3 - Once we have access to the drive we will make an absolute sector-by-sector mirror image of your hard disk to our equipment where the process will continue.

Step 4 - The next step is to evaluate the condition of the data structure & determine how much of the data is salvageable.

Step 5 - When the evaluation process is completed, we will contact you with the results of the evaluation & tell you exactly where in the original price range your recovery will fall. We will need your approval to proceed from this point.