How do I restore our data to the hard drive?

Data is returned on CD or DVD-ROMs. The files on the disks have their "read only" attribute set because the CD or DVD-ROM is a "read only" device. The files on these disks cannot be modified or changed on the on the disks themselves. In order to have the ability to modify these files they need to be copied to you hard drive. After the data has been copied to the hard drive the "read only" attribute must be unchecked to allow modifications to the files.

Before copying the files onto your hard drive, please make sure you have a bootable system with sufficient free space to hold the recovered data. Data Recovery Group returns the data files only. Actual programs should be reinstalled from the original sources prior to the transfer of the data.

For a windows machine:

  1. Place the CD/DVD-ROM into the CD/DVD-Rom Drive.
  2. Double Click the "My Computer" icon. You should see the icon for both your hard drive and your CD/DVD-ROM drive.
  3. Double click on the CD/DVD-ROM drive to see the recovered data. Verify that all of the data files and / or folders are present.
  4. Double click on the hard drive. We recommend you set up a folder on the desktop named "Recovered Data". This folder will become the initial destination for your data.
  5. Copy the files from the CD/DVD-ROM to the "Recovered Data" folder.
  6. After the data has been copied from the CD/DVD-ROM to the hard drive, the "Read Only" attribute must be unchecked. Select all of the files within a folder by using your mouse to highlight them. Right Click the mouse to bring up the Properties Box. Uncheck the "Read Only" attribute box.

The data can now be loaded and modified directly from the hard drive.