File Recovery

Lost data is more than an inconvenience, it can ruin lives and companies. Data Recovery Group is the remedy to these pitfalls. DRG offers the most accurate, cost-efficient, and timely file recovery in the entire industry. We routinely perform file recovery and data that was deemed irretrievable by others. (What is Data Recovery/File Recovery?) Our methods and people are proven and tested. Using the best talent and the best tools, Data Recovery Group uses a proven process to return your lost information.

The first step in file recovery is evaluating the hard drive. Evaluations are based on hardware and file structure by a technician to determine the best file recovery method. The next step Data Recovery Group takes, is recovering the data. Our technicians use special equipment to repair damage and recover the data to a secure location. Your file recovery data can be returned in a variety of ways. Data Security and confidentiality is our top priority!